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Kids Braces

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If children are experiencing serious dental problems at a young age, it is sometimes best to fit them with kids braces while they are still in a developmental stage. The younger the children are, the more they have to grow – this makes moulding their teeth with braces much easier.

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Dr Alistair Graham is one of the few dentists who can fix most of your dental problems, since he’s qualified to provide both surgical and restorative treatments. He completed his Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dentistry (Oral Implants) at Sydney University. He also studied in the UK, Australia and Switzerland to delve further into this field.

Dr Graham is widely recognised for his extensive experience in all stages of dental treatments (planning, surgical and restorative) including Digital Smile Design. As a result, we can give you clarity about the entire treatment plan, putting you in control of the outcome. This gives you peace of mind that your treatment is being completed in one place, with someone who understands the big picture.

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What are Kids Braces?

Braces “correct” a child’s teeth as they are growing in.

For instance, children may have problems with tooth crowding or an overbite/underbite, and kids braces can help to fix this before the problem gets worse with age. Children must have relatively healthy teeth and gums before having braces fitted, as they could suffer from tooth decay or gum disease if braces are fitted to unhealthy teeth.

Does my child need braces?

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If your child has crooked, crowded, or protruding teeth, then braces could significantly help them.

Similarly, braces can also help if your child’s teeth have large gaps between them or if their natural “bite” is misaligned, meaning that their top and bottom rows of teeth don’t meet in the middle as they should.

The younger children are, the easier it is to correct their dental problems. If a child’s misshapen teeth are left to grow in, the problem will often become much worse, making it more difficult to treat the issue when they are older.


How does child braces work?

1. Aligners are usually made of plastic, and can be taken out and put back in when necessary. The dentist or orthodontist will provide the patient with instructions regarding how often the aligners must be kept in place.


2. Fixed braces are usually made of metal, and are attached to your teeth permanently until they are removed at the end of the treatment period.


If you feel you have tooth decay and require fillings, you need to consult a dentist you can trust.
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Tooth Fillings FAQ’s

Are fillings painful?2019-02-01T16:14:39+10:00

Normally, your tooth will be sensitive to heat and cold for about 2 days after the filling. Some people don’t notice any pain, and for those that do the pain is normally very mild. You should feel no pain and be back to normal in three days.

How Long Do Fillings Last?2019-02-01T16:12:39+10:00

With regular care and maintenance, a typical filling will last 5-10 years before it needs to be replaced.

What Are Fillings Made From?2019-02-01T16:11:54+10:00

Fillings come in a wide variety of material: amalgam silver & tooth-colored composites, are most common.

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please feel free to contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to help you.

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Mona Vale Dental was recommended to me by my daughter who spoke very highly of Dr Graham and his team. The treatment and care I received has restored my faith in dentists again.
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I was very impressed with the high level of care Alistair and his team give to his patients. All the staff were exceptionally welcoming and friendly. Mona Vale dental is beautiful practice with the most up to date facilities, and latest technology.
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Alistair, Kristen, Lisa and the crew at Mona Vale Dental are fabulous. My children, husband and I all go there. Mona Vale Dental are happy, family-friendly, reliable and great at what they do. The new fit-out is also very stylish. It all makes for a very positive dental experience.
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