Dental Hygiene

Helping maintain healthy gums and teeth
leading to a healthier body

Say hello to AIRFLOW® Dental Spa!

It’s time to give your teeth the best clean they’ve ever had, minus the pain and discomfort.

An innovative Swiss state-of-the-art technology with a special plaque removing technique, that will make your dental check-up feel like a day at the spa.

All you feel is just a stream of warm water gently cleaning your teeth.

It’s like a spa for your mouth as the device combines air, fine powder & warm water to gently exfoliate your teeth without physically touching them!

Say goodbye to teeth cleanings that involve scraping with metal instruments & gritty pastes.

Using a mixture of air, warm water and fine powder, AIRFLOW® offers a quicker, more gentle and effective teeth clean than ever before.
At Mona Vale Dental, we want our patients to be as comfortable as possible.

What is a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist is a qualified and accredited dental practitioner who is primarily focused on the health of the gums and generally maintaining oral health.

Do I need to see a
Dental Hygienist?

With a focus on healthy gums, and preventing conditions like periodontitis, dental hygienists provide a vital service in maintaining oral health. 

It is recommended that all adults and children attend an appointment once every 6 months to ensure that there is no gum disease or inflammation occuring. 

Quick facts about Dental Hygienists

Yes, at Mona Vale Dental and Implant Centre, our dental hygienists are focused on wholistic care. This means they are screening for a number of conditions with every appointment including: 

  • Screening for oral cancer

  • Investigating the cause of bad breath

  • Inspecting for salivary production and flow throughout the mouth

  • Signs and symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Yes, at Mona Vale Dental and Implant Centre our dental hygienists are qualified to do teeth whitening. We have the latest industry-leading Zoom teeth whitening technology and GLO Science technology 

What to expect at your appointment

This step involves understanding your general health and the impact this may be having on your oral health, and whole body health.

After inspecting for conditions like tooth decay, inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) and oral cancer, your dental hygienist will conduct a thorough clean.

One of the dentists will then examine your teeth and gums in coordination with the dental hygienist

This appointment is a great opportunity to screen for early signs of an issue. This may be referred to a dental surgeon for further advice. Alternatively, your oral hygienist may have some practical tips for you to maintain a healthy mouth and give you dietary, and tooth brushing advice depending on your circumstances. 

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