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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening Wedding

T eeth whitening is pretty commonplace these days, with everyone from TV stars to your parents’ friends choosing to make their smile a few shades brighter. There are a few different methods that people are able to choose from when getting their whitening done, with options ranging from at-home bleaching kits to expensive laser whitening treatments.

All of these methods will have varying costs and success rates, but perhaps the most important impact to consider is how your teeth whitening will affect the health of your teeth. By going to a beauty salon or buying a kit you can use at home, you will likely be compromising when it comes to the health of your teeth. This is why it’s very important to ensure that for your teeth whitening procedure, you choose a qualified dentist with years of experience in the field.

People choose to get their teeth whitened for a wide range of different reasons. Many clients come to us in the run-up to a big event such as a wedding or graduation, keen to look their best for the big day. When you’ve spent so much on a dress, shoes, hair and makeup it’s only right you have a smile to match. For some, there might be more permanent cosmetic reasons that they require our teeth whitening service. For example, nerve damage to the tooth itself after an accident might mean there’s a few teeth that don’t quite match the rest of their set.

For others, years of smoking or coffee drinking might have left them with teeth that are far from pearly white. If you’ve made the choice to begin living a healthier lifestyle that will no longer take its toll on your teeth, there’s nothing wrong with wanting your smile to reflect that. For many people, a whiter smile is just part of that summer transformation. If you’re aiming for that healthy tan and the perfect body, a brighter smile will just complement all the hard work you’ve put in and help you feel amazing!

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A whiter smile is just part of that summer transformation

At Mona Vale Dental, we serve a wide variety of clients with our teeth whitening services, and understand that everyone has different reasons for wanting whiter teeth. The self-confidence and increased general happiness that we’ve seen in our satisfied customers over the years can’t be quantified with figures, though – it’s simply something you have to experience for yourself.

Here at Mona Vale Dental, we offer our safe, effective teeth whitening treatment at a great price because we understand how much the cosmetic appearance of your teeth can affect self-esteem on a daily basis. We want all of our clients to be able to look at themselves in the mirror and be happy with what they see in front of them. Whilst keeping teeth healthy is important to us too, the teeth whitening service we offer does not compromise on this value.

All of our dentists are trained and accredited ready to use the Philips Zoom whitening tool in our surgery. This is a teeth whitening LED light that’s used in professional dental surgeries all over the world, and when combined with the unique hydrogen peroxide whitening gel, creates truly stunning results. We put safety first, however, and ensure that gums are fully protected to avoid any adverse reactions.

There’s far less risk of painful sensitivity after the treatment when you choose Mona Vale Dental. The whitening formula we use includes a desensitising ingredient, meaning that our teeth whitening service is even suitable for those with sensitive teeth. There is no danger of enamel being softened or rubbed away, and whilst there may be some temporary increased sensitivity, this will go away a few days after the treatment. Fillings and crowns are also safe with our Philips Zoom treatment, as the specialised gel is designed to ensure it does not affect tooth restorations.

Alternatively, we are able to offer an at-home whitening service, that can provide similarly excellent results to our in-chair service but that cannot be compared to the expertise of a professional. We do understand, however, that when cost is the key consideration, a far more affordable at-home kit may seem more appealing. Mona Vale Dental provides custom-made trays tailored to you and your teeth, and the overall whitening course will take 10-15 days overall (rather than just two hours in the chair).

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Mona Vale dental offer a perfected teeth whitening procedure that we’ve developed after years in the business. All of our clients trust us to deliver that perfect smile time and time again, without the damage to your teeth that would invariably come with choosing less experienced dental surgeries. Our dentists and dental hygienists are trained in how to whiten teeth expertly, and we’re fully equipped with all the latest technology. Mona Vale Dental regularly ensure that all of our services, including teeth whitening, are fully in line with dental regulations. For more information on how we can get your teeth whiter in just a few hours, why not contact us today? We promise that once we’ve finished, you won’t be able to stop smiling!

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Teeth Whitening FAQ’s

Do natural teeth whitening methods work?2017-12-20T07:57:53+00:00

With the increase in desire for whiter than white teeth, many at-home, natural teeth whitening products have grown in popularity. However, the results of natural methods such as charcoal treatments pale in comparison to professional teeth whitening treatments in the dentist’s chair.

Can I whiten my teeth in just one day?2017-12-20T13:17:16+00:00

Yes, at Mona Vale Dental we use the Philips Zoom whitening system that allows your teeth to become up to 8 shades lighter in just over one hour.

How can I whiten my teeth?2017-12-20T07:54:47+00:00

There are many products on the market that claim to whiten your teeth at home. However, the best way to get your pearly whites as bright as bright can be is to visit a qualified dentist with experience in the process of tooth whitening. The techniques used by dentists are far superior and safer to DIY whitening treatments, both in their overall result and treatment times.

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please feel free to contact our friendly team who will be more than happy to help you.

What Our Customers Say

Thank you Mona Vale Dental for your beautiful service!! My children have been to 2 different dentist and always walks out scared or has throw up from Xrays so from this I can never get them back, but today from the amazing reception staff in offering them books to read or colouring pens to draw with until their turn and also the staff helping me when I have 1 in with the dentist and 2 others in the reception is just a blessing for a mum of 3 boys that loves to RUN away! But the best part of the service at Mona Vale was the amazing dentist she talked and explained to my boys what she is doing with their teeth and also going the extra mile to make the check-up fun and exciting so they are no longer scared of a dentist, they even walked out saying I am going to be a dentist with the fun bay they received.Mona Vale Dental has some amazing systems I was very scared my kids would throw up again when it was time for the X rays but no they X-ray machine was amazing and the kids found this fun having their photo taken, for me a BIG plus! They even guided me on what I should cut out of the kids diet to help keep decay away as little changes can be so helpful on the teeth! I am going to book myself and my Husband in next as the service is 5Star! So if your due for a check-up call Mona Dental today you won’t regret it at all!!THANK YOU so much Caroline for letting me know about your company this has been the best visit to the dentist ever!read more
Karena Rustia
Karena Rustia
12:42 31 May 18
Having visited Mona Vale Dental several times over the past few months I've been hugely impressed with the level of knowledge and experience of the team. I initially booked in for a 'Digital Smile Design' consult with Dr Graham. He produced a digital plan of what my teeth and smile could look like following treatment. He then 3D printed an acrylic 'shell' which he clipped onto my teeth. It showed me exactly what my smile would look like if I decided to go ahead with the treatment. No more guess work! It gave me the confidence to go ahead with the treatment and I can't wait for the final result. Thank you Alistair and more
John Hubert
John Hubert
12:21 29 May 18
I have had such a huge fear of the dentist since I was very young which is why I put off going for so many years (even though I knew I needed at least 2 root canals). I can't believe what a difference a few months can make. A friend recommended Mona Vale Dental for a painful tooth I could no longer ignore. From the moment I walked in Lisa on Reception instantly made me feel at ease and I was so impressed by how the clean and modern the practice was. The first session of my root canal I wad so anxious but it only took a few minutes of Alistair and his dental nurse talking me through what was happening and singing along to George Harrison as they were working away before I realised I was onto something pretty special.A few sessions in now and I can honestly say that I am completely relaxed whenever I go in there. My fear of the dentist has totally gone and for that I cannot thank them enough.I recommend these guys for anyone who has been putting of the dentist because they are scared and even if you're not. They are highly skilled, gentle, friendly and more
Verity Hare
Verity Hare
06:38 22 Mar 18
I took Alistair's advice and Hayley & Alistair made me up a SomnoBrux to address my Bruxism. Wish I had taken his advice a long time ago - I found the guard really easy to sleep with and am now sleeping so much better and not waking up with a saw jaw and a headache every morning. Can't thank you enough Mona Vale Dental !read more
Sharyn Nichols
Sharyn Nichols
03:56 06 Dec 17
The team at Mona Vale Dental is not just top notch but world class. Dr. Graham has made sure he's always a master of the latest techniques. The fact that crowns and overlays can be done in a single session (without waiting to send away for molds, etc) is awesome. The quality of the work is always high. I personally have a challenging medical background and the Mona Vale Dental team is phenomenal at making sure all the specifics of my case are considered. And, on top of this, they're simply a really friendly bunch. Couldn't recommend them any more!read more
Bryan Rollins
Bryan Rollins
21:15 02 Sep 17
I was very impressed with the high level of care Alistair and his team give to his patients. All the staff were exceptionally welcoming and friendly. Mona Vale dental is beautiful practice with the most up to date facilities, and latest technology. They do an amazing job and in my opinion are one of the best for dental more
Francesco Fronzoni
Francesco Fronzoni
20:01 14 Aug 17
Alistair, Kristen, Lisa and the crew at Mona Vale Dental are fabulous. My children, husband and I all go there. Mona Vale Dental are happy, family-friendly, reliable and great at what they do. The new fit-out is also very stylish. It all makes for a very positive dental more
Jane Lillycrop
Jane Lillycrop
11:40 06 Jul 17
Our company designed and built the new practice environment for Dr Alistair Graham and I must say that the entire team at Mona Vale Dental were a real pleasure to work with from start to finish. They were and still are wonderful clients and people. His team are so caring and whilst we were shooting a video on location for a whole day, I saw first hand how the team greeted and looked after their patients. Wow was I impressed. The place looks amazing too and I recommend anyone in the local area to make an appointment and go and feel what it is like to be treated by such great professionals in an amazing space. We wish you all the best Dr Graham and team in your new more
Levitch Design Australia
Levitch Design Australia
04:55 05 Jul 17
Mona Vale Dental was recommended to me by my daughter who spoke very highly of Dr Graham and his team. The treatment and care I received has restored my faith in dentists again. Dr Graham was very knowledgeable and explained all treatment options available. I am very pleased with my new crown which I watched being made while I waited. Very impressive. Thank more
Penelope Hitchens
Penelope Hitchens
02:34 09 May 17