Digital Smile Design

Experience the future of cosmetic dentistry with our state-of-the-art Digital Smile Design (DSD) technology. Transform your smile with precision, confidence, and predictability

What Is Digital Smile Design (DSD)?

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a cutting-edge technology that allows dentists to preview your ideal smile digitally. Before making any physical changes to your mouth, you can try on a 3D mock-up, share photos and videos with loved ones, co-design your smile, and suggest changes. A treatment plan is then created based on accurate digital data and your feedback.

Our Smile Design Dental Clinic

At Mona Vale Dental, we pride ourselves on being a certified DSD clinic, ensuring our patients benefit from industry-leading technology and best-practice protocols.

How Does DSD Work?

We capture photographs and videos to design a smile based on your facial proportions, teeth, gums, and lips. Your new smile is digitally designed around your individual facial proportions. You can adjust the design, take it home, and gather opinions from those who know you best. We then tailor a treatment plan that delivers the exact result you desire.

Our Smile Test Drive puts you in the driver’s seat. Experience the full impact of a smile makeover without undergoing any dental work first. This complimentary consultation lets you preview your new smile and make informed decisions about your treatment. Using 3D-printing technology, we print a mock-up of your new smile, allowing you to see and feel the transformation.

DSD offers a unique opportunity to visualise and experience your new smile before undergoing any treatment. It empowers you to co-design your smile, ensuring the end result is as individual and natural as you are.

What Treatments Are Performed Using DSD?

Digital Smile Design can be applied to everything from simple cosmetic procedures to full mouth reconstructions. This includes veneers, crowns, invisalign, Implants, and tooth whitening.

Group 9

Natural Restorations

Achieve a smile that harmonises with your teeth, gums, lips, and face ensuring a natural look and feel.

Group 10


Replace missing teeth with precision using DSD, ensuring a perfect fit and appearance.

Group 11


Restore damaged teeth with crowns designed using DSD for a natural and harmonious result.

Group 13


Straighten your teeth discreetly and effectively with a treatment plan optimised using DSD.

Group 12

Tooth Whitening

Brighten your smile with treatments planned using DSD, ensuring optimal results.

Group 14


Enhance your smile with veneers designed using DSD, tailored to your unique facial features.

The Benefits of Smile Design

With DSD, you have full control over the process, previewing results before starting any treatment. Achieve a natural smile that suits your face without any risk of buyer’s regret. The final result is achieved using sophisticated technology guided by accurate digital data.

Smile Design in Sydney

Choose Mona Vale Dental for a life-changing smile of exceptional quality. We adhere to the 5 smile makeover standards of excellence, ensuring you feel truly confident in your decision. Read more about the 5 standards of a smile makeover.

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We are a passionate team of skilled dentists, hygienists, and support staff. From Dr. Alistair Graham's extensive experience in DSD to our dedicated Dental Practice Manager, Lisa Clothier, we are committed to providing the highest quality dental care. Meet our team in detail.

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