Digital dentistry (fixing your smile conveniently)

In our fast-paced world, digital technology helps us all to perform better at work and live more comfortably.  Why should dentistry be any different? Dentistry has certainly come a long way since the start of the 19th century, when dentists relied on the power of their imaginations to diagnose problems (there were no X-rays back […]

Smile makeover Sydney

see the results of a full smile makeover (Sydney)

A genuine smile is one of the most powerful ways to connect with other people. When you smile from your heart; it shouldn’t matter if you have crooked or stained teeth. But sometimes it does (to you). If you feel insecure about your dental imperfections, you may tightly purse your lips, instead of showing your […]

How to fix a gummy smile (excessive gingival display)?

Want to know how to fix a gummy smile? We'll show you how...

A smile is beautiful because it shows happiness, even if there are dental imperfections.  But some people hesitate to grin because they’re worried their gums attract too much attention by taking up a lot of space. You may have a “gummy smile” if more than 3mm of gum can be seen above your upper teeth […]

Benefits of cosmetic dentistry

In the grand scheme of life, having crooked or discoloured teeth isn’t a big deal. Having said this, even minor dental imperfections can stop you from connecting with people in an authentic way – especially if you purse your lips together when smiling to hide your teeth.  Your mouth is one of the first features […]

Professional teeth whitening (benefits)

An unguarded smile is one of the most powerful ways to connect with other people, but you might hold back if you’re self-conscious about stained teeth. Over time, teeth become discoloured for any number of reasons, including: Smoking or chewing tobacco Poor oral hygiene Certain drinks such as coffee, wine, tea and cola Some fruits […]

Dental implants cost (Sydney)

Getting a dental implant is probably the best option for permanent tooth replacement, if any of your teeth are damaged or missing. Understandably, the cost of dental implants is one of the main questions that people have. Sydney prices range from $3,000 to $7,000 for each implant. This figure is influenced by a number of […]

Permanent tooth replacement (with dental implants)

If any of your teeth are broken or decayed, you’re probably hiding your smile while feeling a lot of pain.  What if you’re dealing with a missing tooth instead?  This doesn’t usually hurt as much, but can still cause discomfort and headaches, by putting extra pressure on joints in the jaw. Absent teeth may even […]

How to stop grinding teeth? (from the comfort of home)

If you ever clench your teeth when feeling anxious or stressed, you’re definitely in good company. Most of us do it from time to time, without even realising.  There’s no harm in this, unless you’re one in ten people who grind their teeth on a regular basis. Does that sound like you? This condition is […]

What to expect when getting a same-day crown?

If any of your teeth are broken or decayed, you’re probably wincing from pain and feel self-conscious about smiling. Sometimes the damage is so extensive that a filling isn’t a viable solution. In such cases, a dental crown is one of the best options to protect the tooth, restore functionality and improve your smile. The […]

Do veneers ruin your teeth?

If you hide your smile because of cosmetic flaws, you may be thinking about getting veneers to look and feel better when connecting with others. This is a big investment, so it’s natural to have some concerns.  We’re often asked if veneers ruin your natural teeth. The short answer is no. Nothing will happen to […]