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Palm Beach is home to the never-ending Aussie TV show “Home and Away”, which is a popular hit in the UK and Ireland. On any given day, you’ll see tourists walking around looking for sites and actors from the show.

If YOU want to feel like a celebrity while getting your teeth treated, why not visit us at Mona Vale Dental? We’re one of the best dental practices in the Northern Beaches.

How to get to Mona Vale Dental from Palm Beach?

There are many reasons to choose Sydney’s leading dental implant centre.

It will take you 20 minutes to reach us by car. You can park outside our building, which is off Bungan Lane (see our map below).

Our address is 8-10 Waratah Street, Mona Vale. We’re located on the first floor, right above Bakers Delight.

There are a few bus stops on both sides of Pittwater Road, for those who are travelling by public transport.

The following services will get you to Mona Vale from Palm Beach:

New 199 Service
Trusty old L90
It is a short walk from Pittwater Road to our practice

Why should you choose Mona Vale Dental?

At Mona Vale Dental, we always put our patients first. Our mission is for you to feel comfortable and supported while we take care of your dental health. It’s the small touches that help you feel welcome and relaxed, like the complimentary Wi-Fi, Netflix, music and TV shows that you can tune into.

Our highly trained team consistently provide the best dental care to thousands of people from Palm Beach to Manly. We’re passionate about technological innovation and we’re committed to improving your oral health.

Dr Alistair Graham

Dental Surgeon

Dr Graham is determined to make sure all his patients receive optimal care, tailored to their individual needs. You will walk away knowing that your mouth is in good hands, thanks to Alistair’s extensive experience in general dentistry. He’s passionate about using the best technology and even lectures about different dental topics. Your visit is guaranteed to be positive, regardless of the reason you’re coming in.

Booking your appointment:

To book your appointment, simply call us on (02) 9997 1100. We’re available from 8:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.
We’ll send you a welcome pack (with information about our practice) in the post or via email. You’ll also get a medical history form to fill out when you arrive. We can access your previous dental records if you complete the ‘Release of Records’ form.

What to expect from your first appointment:

During your first appointment, we’ll assess the state of your mouth and identify any problems you have. This can be achieved with a thorough oral check, dental x-rays and photography. We’ll also take the time to discuss the results of our findings and any concerns you may have.
If you need treatment, we’ll talk about the best way forward and look at the options. There won’t be any treatments during this appointment unless it’s been previously arranged.

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