Root Canal

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If a tooth is damaged by decay or injury, the canals inside the root of the tooth may become infected.  If the infection is not treated, it can lead to severe pain, abscess and tooth loss.  Fortunately, the infection can be removed from the tooth and the tooth can be saved and restored to normal function.  This treatment is also known as a Root Canal Therapy (RCT).

We recommend a crown to be placed as a final measure to prevent reinfection and fracture of the root canal treated tooth.

Pain free – we ensure that all root canal treatments are carried out with complete anesthesia of the area, so you won’t feel any pain.

Attention to detail – We complete all endodontic work under magnification to ensure treatment is carried out with utmost precision and accuracy.

The best information – We use our CBCT x-ray to produce a high definition 3D image of your tooth’s canals before any treatment is started. This reduces treatment time and greatly increases the quality of the final result.

Clean instruments – All equipment and materials used during your procedure are 100% sterile. Many instruments used for root canal therapy are single use and disposed of immediately after use.

Safety – We use rubber dental dams to isolate the treatment area and prevent saliva, bacteria, or other materials from contaminating the tooth’s canals.

Working with Specialists – if the root canals appear very curved, thin or difficult to access, we can refer you to a local root canal Specialist (an Endodontist) for treatment before returning to us to complete the treatment.