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Mona Vale Dental wins Local Business Award for Northern Beaches


We do everything we can to deliver the best service to anyone who walks through our door. This matters to us. From the moment you pick up your phone to book an appointment, we’re looking out for you. It’s vital that our patients feel safe and welcome, while receiving the best dental care in our [...]

Mona Vale Dental wins Local Business Award for Northern Beaches2018-08-06T12:24:07+10:00

Chalky teeth in children (molar hypomineralisation)


Have you noticed brown or white spots on your child’s teeth? Do they experience pain when eating, or after brushing? Molar Hypomineralisation (“chalky teeth”) in children is a common problem that requires urgent dental care. Brushing twice a day. Flossing. Eating well. Tick, tick and tick. As a parent, no doubt you do everything [...]

Chalky teeth in children (molar hypomineralisation)2019-05-14T10:41:40+10:00

Introducing our ‘White for Life’ Program


At Mona Vale Dental we have have launched our 'White for Life' program. This means anyone who has had Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening with us can get a free whitening top up boost every time they come in for their 6 monthly Hygienist appointments. There’s NO extra charge, it’s completely free. The "White for Life" Program: For any patient who [...]

Introducing our ‘White for Life’ Program2018-06-29T15:06:20+10:00

Emergency dental care: how to minimise damage straight away


Everyone should have an emergency dental care plan, in the event that something goes wrong. Although our team provides urgent support, there are certain steps you can take to protect your oral health during a crisis.Why do so many dental emergencies occur at inconvenient times, when you’re so unprepared?You’re rushing to work in the morning, [...]

Emergency dental care: how to minimise damage straight away2018-11-08T08:59:08+10:00