Introducing our ‘White for Life’ Program

Dr Alistair Graham

Dr Alistair Graham

An exclusive teeth whitening offer for the Northern Beaches. At Mona Vale Dental we have have launched our ‘White for Life‘ program. This means anyone who has had Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening with us can get a free whitening top up boost every time they come in for their 6 monthly Hygienist appointments.

There’s NO extra charge, it’s completely free.

The “White for Life” Program:
  • For any patient who has had Zoom In-Chair Teeth Whitening with us
  • Every Hygiene appointment we will apply top up gel to boost the colour
  • Free, no time limit
  • Patient must bring in their custom tray
  • 10 minutes application

Ready to book in for a check-up or your first teeth whitening appointment? Make an Appointment

As part of a Zoom In-chair Teeth Whitening treatment, we always provide an additional kit to take home to boost your new whiter colour over the months following the treatment. The kit consists of custom made trays to fit over the upper and lower teeth, and tooth whitening gel.

The gel is placed into the trays and worn for 10 minutes to lift the tooth colour. In this way the whiter colour can be boosted, and it’s the best way to maintain the new whiter colour of your teeth.

However, life gets busy for all of us and we often don’t have time to do this, and often don’t remember. The result is that tubes of whitening gel get forgotten in the bathroom cabinet.

After a Dental Hygienist has cleaned your teeth is the best time to whiten your teeth.

So, take advantage of our “White for Life” program.  Remember, there’s NO extra charge, it’s completely free. Just remember to bring in your custom trays that we made for you, and we’ll do the rest.

This way, with our help, we can make sure that you stay ‘White for Life’

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