Interest Free Dental Payment Plans For Patients

Dr Alistair Graham

Dr Alistair Graham

At Mona Vale Dental we offer dental payment plans as we understand that dental treatment can be expensive and finance could be a barrier to achieving your optimal dental treatment or your dream smile.

It is essential to get the dental care you need as soon as possible, because untreated issues often require more complicated, costly procedures in the future. In the past, patients avoided getting treatment for years as they felt they could not afford it.

If you are looking for high quality dental work without compromise or if you just want small improvements to your smile without the upfront cost, a payment plan can make your smile affordable. With a payment plan you can get the care and treatment you need without having to wait. You can pay for it over a comfortable period of time without paying interest.

What is a payment plan?

A payment plan is essentially a loan which can support you in managing the cost of dental treatment. Payment Plans provide a convenient and affordable way for you to pay for the cost of your dental treatment in instalments, over a period of time, rather than paying for your dental work in lump sum upfront.

The conditions of a payment plan are flexible, and often vary depending on the amount and duration of the loan. You can finalise the payment terms to suit your personal circumstances.

What dental work can be covered with a payment plan?

Payment Plans can be used for a wide variety of dental treatments. The payment plan includes General Dentistry and Cosmetic Dentistry treatments such as Crowns, Veneers, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, Root Canal and many other procedures. You can also use a payment plan to cover the cost of your Orthodontic treatment as well including Invisalign and all types of braces. It is possible for less common treatments to be covered such as dental solutions for sleep apnoea and snoring.

How does a payment plan work?

If you need dental treatment straight away, don’t worry, there are interest free and flexible payment plans which can help you start your dental treatment immediately and allow you to pay for your treatment gradually.

Having access to a payment plan means you do not have to worry about paying for your treatment all at once. Payment Plans help spread the cost over time. You get to decide on the payment plan details including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments.

These plans:

  • Allow you to start your dental treatment straight away with Interest Free, Flexible Payment plans
  • Offer a range of Interest Free and Extended Payment Plans for dental treatment ranging from $500 and up
  • Are available if you are considering Dental Implants, Cosmetic Dentistry, Invisalign or other orthodontics or dental services, you could start your treatment straight away.

Once the application is approved you can begin your treatment straight away and your payments begin. The process is simple.

How can a payment plan help you?

If you are considering cosmetic dentistry such as veneers or an implant but you don’t have access to the funds immediately or you can not pay for the total value of the treatment upfront, you could consider applying for a dental payment plan.

An example of what the repayment would look life for a treatment plan of $10,000 is outlined below:

  • Total value of treatment is $10,000
  • Deposit of $2,000 required (20%)
  • Balance of repayments will vary depending on the payment plan details i.e. amount and frequency of payments

Our recommended dental payment plan 

At Mona Vale Dental the Payment Plan we recommend to our patients is Denticare. Denticare provides simple, easy no interest payment plans. You can decide on the payment plan details including the deposit, amount and frequency of payments. You will be required to complete a simple, one-page direct debit form. There will be no need for credit checks or detailed financial information. You can begin your treatment straight away and your payments begin.

To apply for a Denticare Payment Plan, go directly to their website – https://denticarepaymentplans.com.au/patients/. Our team is available to help with any questions or provide support to you when applying for a payment plan.

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