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If you are looking for a dentist in Bayview, look no further. You already know just how lucky we are to live in the Northern Beaches but Bayview also has it’s own unique features.

Did you know

  • Bayview is home to Australia’s largest Yacht Importer
  • Bayview hosts a Northern Beaches New years fireworks show
    • One for kids at 9pm and another for adults at Midnight

We are located in Mona Vale, only a few minutes up the road, and proudly one of the Northern Beaches favourite dental practices.

Bayview Dentist

How to get to Mona Vale Dental from Bayview?

It is only a 10 minutes drive if travelling from Bayview by car. We have car parking directly outside our building, which can be accessed via Bungan Lane (see our map listing below).
We are located on the first floor, above Bakers Delight, at 8-10 Waratah Street, Mona Vale.
If you are taking public transport, there are several bus stops on both sides of Pittwater Road.
The following buses get you to Mona Vale from Bayview:

    • 156
    • L85

    It is a short walk from Pittwater Road to our practice

Why should you choose us?

We are a caring, professional, experienced and highly invested in technology designed to improve your dental health and well being. Aside from our highly trained dental team, we also have complimentary wifi, free Netflix, TV shows and music!

Our highly skilled team of dentists, hygienists and support staff provide the highest quality of dental care to thousands of people from Palm Beach to Manly, and of course Bayview. We have built a reputation as a centre of excellence, but more importantly a place where our patients feel welcome, comfortable and supported.

Our practice philosophy:

We will keep your dental health safe with our professional procedures including dental hygiene and health. You will be ensured the optimum treatment at your active maintenance visits.

Dr Alistair Graham Dental Surgeon

Alistair is experienced in all areas of General Dentistry and is committed to ensuring that all patients get the highest possible care, individually tailored to your needs. Whether this means regular active maintenance or complex restorative and cosmetic work, Alistair’s attention to detail and gentle manner will mean that your visit will be a positive one.

What services do we offer at Mona Vale Dental?

Various services are offered by our dentists and /or dental hygienists, which include:

Booking your appointment:

To book your appointment, simply call us at (02) 9997 1100, we are available from 8:30am-5pm Monday to Friday.

After booking an appointment with us, we will send you a welcome pack in the post or via email with information about our practice. Also, you will receive a health history form to fill out and hand to us when you arrive. We can request your dental records be forwarded to us on your behalf by the ‘Release of Records’ forms (the form will be included in the welcome pack).

What to expect from your first appointment:

During your first appointment the dentist will provide a clinical examination with a combination of an oral check, dental x-rays and photography.
No treatment will be carried out at this appointment, unless previously arranged. The appointment will be dedicated to understanding your dental concerns and to discuss the results of our findings. Should any treatment be required we will present you with all your options for you to consider.

What Our Customers Say

I took Alistair's advice and Hayley & Alistair made me up a SomnoBrux to address my Bruxism. Wish I had taken his advice a long time ago - I found the guard really easy to sleep with and am now sleeping so much better and not waking up with a saw jaw and a headache every morning. Can't thank you enough Mona Vale Dental !read more
Sharyn Nichols
Sharyn Nichols
03:56 06 Dec 17
The team at Mona Vale Dental is not just top notch but world class. Dr. Graham has made sure he's always a master of the latest techniques. The fact that crowns and overlays can be done in a single session (without waiting to send away for molds, etc) is awesome. The quality of the work is always high. I personally have a challenging medical background and the Mona Vale Dental team is phenomenal at making sure all the specifics of my case are considered. And, on top of this, they're simply a really friendly bunch. Couldn't recommend them any more!read more
Bryan Rollins
Bryan Rollins
21:15 02 Sep 17
I was very impressed with the high level of care Alistair and his team give to his patients. All the staff were exceptionally welcoming and friendly. Mona Vale dental is beautiful practice with the most up to date facilities, and latest technology. They do an amazing job and in my opinion are one of the best for dental implants.read more
Francesco Fronzoni
Francesco Fronzoni
20:01 14 Aug 17
Alistair, Kristen, Lisa and the crew at Mona Vale Dental are fabulous. My children, husband and I all go there. Mona Vale Dental are happy, family-friendly, reliable and great at what they do. The new fit-out is also very stylish. It all makes for a very positive dental experience.read more
Jane Lillycrop
Jane Lillycrop
11:40 06 Jul 17
Our company designed and built the new practice environment for Dr Alistair Graham and I must say that the entire team at Mona Vale Dental were a real pleasure to work with from start to finish. They were and still are wonderful clients and people. His team are so caring and whilst we were shooting a video on location for a whole day, I saw first hand how the team greeted and looked after their patients. Wow was I impressed. The place looks amazing too and I recommend anyone in the local area to make an appointment and go and feel what it is like to be treated by such great professionals in an amazing space. We wish you all the best Dr Graham and team in your new practice.read more
Levitch Design Australia
Levitch Design Australia
04:55 05 Jul 17
Mona Vale Dental was recommended to me by my daughter who spoke very highly of Dr Graham and his team. The treatment and care I received has restored my faith in dentists again. Dr Graham was very knowledgeable and explained all treatment options available. I am very pleased with my new crown which I watched being made while I waited. Very impressive. Thank you.read more
Penelope Hitchens
Penelope Hitchens
02:34 09 May 17