Be the Co-Author
of Your New Smile

At Mona Vale Dental, you get the ultimate confidence of being able to both design your smile and test drive it before any treatment

What is Digital Smile Design?

Digital Smile Design is a breakthrough in dental technology that uses digital dental technology to design your naturally perfect smile while taking into consideration your unique facial features.

The best part is you can preview it digitally, as well as by trying on a mockup to see and approve your new smile, even before beginning any treatment.

What Can I expect from Digital Smile Design?

Help with the colour of your teeth

The shape and size of your teeth

Gaps between your teeth

Better alignment of your teeth

What is holding you back from a new smile?

  • I simply don’t have the time
  • I am worried about my teeth will look fake
  • The dentist scares me
  • My friends have had bad experiences
  • The end result just is not worth it

With Digital Smile Design,you can put these worries aside

In your initial appointment, we’ll show you how simple it is to achieve a new smile that improves the appearance of your teeth and your self-confidence.

Facially Driven Design with Digital Smile Design

There is nothing more personal to you than your smile. We understand better than anyone what kind of impact your smile can have on your confidence and how you carry yourself.

That is why your smile should be uniquely you: inspired AND designed by you, the way nature intended it.

Which is why at Mona Vale Dental, we have a 3 part smile philosophy.

Every smile should be designed around your facial features

Few things feel more personal than a smile. And even fewer things are naturally as personal as a smile.

Every smile is as different as every single one of our patients. That is why we take into consideration not just your teeth, but every aspect of your natural face. Giving you a truly customized smile unique to you.

The future is digital, and records need to be as well

Everything we do in life has become digital. From our work to our photos the modern world is digital. This is why when you come to our clinic we have taken out the needs of ‘old dentistry’ and implemented as much painless technology as we truly can.

This can have many benefits, including better, more accurate results for your smile.

You should be able to try on your smile before commiting to treatmen

We understand more than anyone the hesitation of doing something as life-changing as getting a new smile.

So to help you make your decision we provide an industry-exclusive ability to try on a mockup of your future smile. This means that you can feel comfortable with your final result before any treatment has been started.

What is the Digital Smile
Design Process?

1. We listen and get to know you

Your new smile is more than just your teeth. Your new smile is how you talk, how you interact with friends, loved ones and how you show your emotion. That is why we get to know you on a personal level so that we can design your smile based on the entire you.

Official DSD Clinic

Mona Vale Dental is the first and only certified Digital Smile Design Clinic in Northern Syndey. This status is only given to a handful of global clinics that have gone through a process to prove their clinical quality. This means that you can rest assure you are attending a top global clinic.

Only Certified Clinic in Northern Syndey

Test Drive Your Smile

What holds you back the most from improving your smile?

What if we could remove all of those fears by giving you the ability to understand and have a hand in your final smile?

At Mona Vale Dental we do just that, allowing you to design and try on your smile. This is done before you commit to anything.

Book an

If you have any questions, or would like to get started, please feel free to contact us and our Digital Smile Design Concierge will be happy to answer any questions or book a complimentary appointment.