Upgrade your smile with Dental Implants

Lite Dentistry is the simple, affordable way to get the confident smile you’ve always dreamed of.

What is Lite

We believe that loving your smile can make you feel great about yourself. That’s why we offer Lite Dentistry – a simple solution for patients who want to improve the look of their teeth. It’s an affordable, fast smile makeover package which combines a number of simple dental treatments. With Lite Dentistry, you could have a combination of:





What’s stopping you from getting your own confident smile?

I don’t have time for lots of dentist appointments

I don’t want my teeth to look fake

I’m afraid that treatment might be painful

I don’t want expensive treatment

I’m afraid that treatment might be painful

With Lite Dentistry, you can put these worries aside.

If the way your teeth look makes you unhappy, we would love to help you feel more confident.

How do we create beautiful smiles with Lite Dentistry?

An easy way to get your own confident smile

Lite Dentistry is designed for comfort, convenience, speed and cost effectiveness. Now, it’s easier than ever to get anew, confident smile – with no need to worry about lengthy treatment or high costs.

An easy way to get your own confident smile

Often, the first step is to have a short course of Invisalign to straighten and realign your teeth, get rid of overcrowding, or close small gaps between your teeth.

With Invisalign, you’ll wear clear aligners instead of braces. They are very discreet and you can even take them out to brush your teeth and eat more comfortably.

Next, we add the finishing touches

When your teeth straightening treatment is complete, you then have some simple cosmetic treatments to alter the appearance of your teeth. Teeth whitening could make them brighter, gum contouring could change the look of your gum line, or you could even have veneers made from a tooth-coloured material that is shaped directly on your teeth.

These are quick treatments that give high-impact results!

Why choose Lite

It’s comfortable

With Lite Dentistry, your treatments are minimally invasive and they don’t damage the structure of your own natural teeth.

It’s predictable

As a Digital Smile Design Clinic, we plan out your treatment digitally before we begin. This way, you get predictable treatment and you'll know what to expect at each stage.

It’s fast

There is no need for lots of dentist visits – we can make light cosmetic improvements to your teeth in just a few appointments.

You get a natural-looking smile

We use your facial features as our guide to design a new smile that is right for you. We take inspiration from real smiles to make sure your teeth look completely natural.

Get the benefit of foresight

We want your entire smile experience to be a positive one. That’s why, before your treatment even begins, we’ll show you how your new smile could look on you: first we’ll show you a simulation of your new smile on screen, then we’ll print a model that you can try on – over your own teeth.

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